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“Working with OpenView’s Product & Engineering recruiters has been great. The professionalism and organization that they bring to the process is truly appreciated. They have been great partners in the recruiting process and the results have been outstanding.”

Michael Lochead

VP Customer Success, Scalr

Our Product & Engineering Approach


Technical Assessment

Identify current challenges and anticipate areas where cracks are likely to appear at scale



Work with technical and operational leadership to categorize, prioritize and budget for the investments that will be necessary to scale economically while keeping your customers happy.



Manage the recruitment of your top priority product and engineering hires so you can focus on what matters most – building a great company.


Workshops and Forum

Workshops hosted by VPE Forum give software development executives within our portfolio the chance to learn from and share ideas with their peers. These Forums provide a high-caliber, confidential and supportive peer environment where you can collaborate on solutions and share best practices.

Case Studies

Software companies at the expansion stage often grow faster than their technology and operational procedures can scale. We work with our portfolio to ensure they have the best resources on hand to achieve results quickly.

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