Bayley Dietz

Marketing Associate

Bayley is a marketing associate at OpenView where she oversees marketing automation, marketing operations and collaborates with OpenView’s content team to deliver our community of 100,000+ B2B software professionals the information they need to grow their companies.

Get to Know Bayley

Prior to joining OpenView’s marketing team, Bayley interned for the Go-to-Market team while pursuing her Master’s degree.

When she’s not working, Bayley enjoys being a tourist in her own city and taking in all that Boston has to offer – including many of the city’s best bakeries. And, because we all need a little balance in life, Bayley is a frequent participant in Boston’s many road races.

In her first job, Bayley worked at a children’s clothing store. Years in retail sales taught her the art of selling with a smile.

What OpenView Means to You

OpenView’s mission to improve people’s working lives stresses the importance of every stakeholder in the company. It is empowering to be part of a culture that focuses on its people which translates into a highly effective team.