Andria Hoflen

Assistant Controller

Andria is responsible for the financial accounting of OpenView’s management company and affiliates. Her duties as Senior Accountant include journal entry preparation, fixed asset inventory management, intercompany reconciliations, invoicing, filing tax returns and supporting operational financial reporting.

Prior to joining OpenView, Andria was a Fund Accountant at a private investment firm in Fort Worth, Texas. As a Fund Accountant, she was responsible for preparing investor statements, capital calls, distributions and assisting with yearly audits. Previous to working as a Fund Accountant, she was an Accounting Manager for an oilfield services company in Texas. In that role she supervised the full accounting cycle to ensure accurate and timely financial reporting. Andria is currently pursuing her license as a Certified Public Accountant.

Get to Know Andria

Andria has lived in San Diego, CA and Fort Worth, TX but is thrilled to once again call Boston home.

When she’s not working, Andria spends time with her 3 year old son, Kaleb. Weekends for the pair consist of going to local museums, playing at the park and chasing seagulls at Plum Island. Andria is currently pursuing her real estate license in an effort to make real estate and home design more a part of her life away from work.

At her first job, you could hear Andria asking “Would you like your Whopper with or without cheese?” In the quaint Southern California town where she grew up, fast food chains were one of the few employment options for 16 years olds. She chose Burger King.

What Does OpenView Mean to You?

OpenView’s mission is incredibly meaningful to me. To work in an environment where every member is committed to the mission of improving people’s working lives is impactful and all too rare. I feel the positive impact on my life every day and take pride in being able to make a similar impact on the lives of others.