Arsham Memarzadeh


Arsham is an Associate at OpenView where he is responsible for identifying, evaluating and executing on investment opportunities.

He was previously a Market Strategist also at OpenView, working with portfolio leaders to develop and optimize go-to-market and whole product strategies.

Arsham has previous experience in investment banking and fund of funds investments.

Get to Know Arsham

Arsham remains an active alumnus of Cornell and serves as President Emeritus of the Cornell Venture Capital Club.

As an undergrad, Arsham and several classmates started a non-profit organization focused around reconnecting terminally ill cancer patients with loved ones.

Arsham is also an avid snowboarder and has snowboarded in four different countries across three continents.

If he could, Arsham would invite Genghis Khan over for dinner. He’s arguably the most successful conqueror in history having conquered 12 million square miles in a little over 20 years (imagine how much more it would have been with Google Earth at his fingertips).

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