CeCe Bazar

Director of Strategic Relations

CeCe is the Director of Strategic Relations at OpenView. Her role is designed to ensure that all top prospects and portfolio executives have the content and resources they need to scale. CeCe also manages OpenView’s analyst program and works with the team to identify, engage and evaluate potential investment opportunities.

Previously, CeCe worked as a Sales Strategist with OpenView’s Expansion Platform where she consulted portfolio companies on their go-to-market strategies and initiatives by implementing training programs, defining sales and marketing processes, and indexing data from these teams across the portfolio.

Prior to joining OpenView, she worked at Boston-based startup Matchbox as a Marketing Specialist where she served as the liaison between sales and marketing.

Get to Know CeCe

CeCe started acting at the tender age of 3 and most notably starred in a local commercial for the Discovery Channel. She then took her acting skills to the streets working undercover for the Providence Police.

When she’s not working, CeCe can be found traveling New England, dining in the North End, taste-testing a bottle of wine, frequenting the Pilates Studio and spending time with family on the ocean.

While she did her fair share of babysitting, seamstressing, and pottery painting growing up, her first notable job was working for the Providence Police. CeCe spent time with the uniform division, narcotics unit and bureau of criminal investigation.

What Does OpenView Mean to You?

OpenView’s mission means that at our core, every decision we make as a firm should positively impact and improve the life of the people that surround us – be it, in the office, on the street, or in our own homes.