Jeff Sutherland_background

Jeff Sutherland

Senior Advisor

Jeff Sutherland helps our portfolio companies implement best practices in Scrum.

Jeff provides advice to the investment team and coaching in the use of agile development techniques to OpenView’s portfolio companies.


Jeff is the inventor of the immensely popular Scrum Agile Development Process, the highly effective approach for managing software development teams. Scrum has attained worldwide fame for its ability to increase the productivity of software teams by several magnitudes through empowering individuals, fostering a team-oriented environment, and focusing on project transparency and results. Companies employing Scrum development processes include Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Oracle, Siemens, SAP, Fidelity, British Telecom, The BBC, and many others, large and small.

Jeff is also known as one of the signatories of the Agile Manifesto, helping in the creation of the Agile Alliance, which brings all Agile development processes under one common umbrella. In addition, Jeff has served as the CTO of several notable organizations, on the Microsoft Business Framework Advisory Council, and has traveled the globe extensively coaching development organizations in the US, Europe, and Latin America.


Jeff is a distinguished graduate of the U.S. Military Academy (West Point) and the U.S. Air Force’s Top Gun program.   Jeff also received advanced degrees from Stanford University and the University of Colorado’s School of Medicine.

Did you know?

Jeff has served as a Phantom jet fighter commander in over 100 reconnaissance missions during combat operations.