Kaila Fleisig

Go-to-Market Co-Op

Kaila is supporting the Go-To-Market team at OpenView as a co-op through Northeastern University. Prior to joining OpenView, Kaila worked on Strategic Partnerships with the Business Development team at (RED) and served as Ramp Up Technology’s team and client manager.

Get to Know Kaila

Kaila loves Mondays because that’s when her Spotify Discover Weekly playlist is refreshed and she can find new artists to fall in love with.

When Kaila isn’t in the office, she can be found shredding down the slopes at Okemo or sitting outside of the Ben and Jerry’s on Newbury with a cone in hand.

After participating in a high school student exchange that resulted in her living in San Felipe, Chile, Kaila found a passion for travel and exploring new cultures. Since that trip, Kaila has experienced the beauty of over 20 countries and can’t wait to see where her travels bring her next.

What OpenView Means to You

I am lucky to be able to work at an organization that so clearly values and prioritizes the impact that it has on people’s lives. As someone who is passionate about philanthropy and community service, I feel at home at OpenView where our mission statement explicitly outlines our commitment to the larger community.