Ken Cowan


Ken is an Associate at OpenView where he works to find great entrepreneurs building generational software companies.

Prior to joining OpenView, Ken helped build early-stage tech companies across the US and in Europe, working with companies such as Tagetik, OutlookSoft, Vcommerce, OpenBox Technologies, RMS and modomodo. Ken was also CEO of The Stables, a services company in Scottsdale, AZ, and a Consultant at FTI Consulting in New York City.

Get to Know Ken

When Ken’s not working, he’s usually mountain biking, running Spartan Races or thinking of and taking on other interesting challenges. He’s a huge sports fan, though his allegiance to the Minnesota Vikings doesn’t make much sense on the surface given that he grew up in New York.

Ken’s first real job was caddying at a local golf course. But, the job was so boring, he quit after a week. Ken quickly found a new position working in the IT department of a company called OutlookSoft sorting cables and running tests on used ThinkPads. He was thirteen.

What Does OpenView Mean to You?

OpenView’s mission to improve people’s working lives is present in everything we do. Most companies’ missions are meaningless corporate jargon-filled statements divorced from reality. Ours is present and influences every interaction we have with our four main stakeholders: our portfolio companies, people, investors and community. OpenView is a great place to work, and we go out of our way to be great to work with.