Lauren Hall

Experience Manager

As Experience Manager, Lauren’s role is to ensure everyone who comes to the office has a memorable time at OpenView and looks forward to coming back.

Prior to joining OpenView, Lauren was a Registered Representative at McAdam Financial and volunteered with elephants in South Africa.

Get to Know Lauren

When she’s not working, Lauren loves to travel (preferably somewhere warm), read and visit her parents’ favorite children, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Oakley and Bane.

Lauren’s first job was at a women’s clothing boutique in Newburyport, MA. It definitely didn’t help her addiction to fashion, but that was justified by the employee discount, right?

What Does OpenView Mean to You?

OpenView means working in an environment where everything aligns with the idea of improving people’s working lives through open-mindedness and continuous improvement. Working toward a common goal with such great people is inspiring.