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Luke Hohmann

Senior Advisor

Luke Hohmann consults the Portfolio on product management and market segmentation.

Luke is a recognized expert on agile product management of software products and a former senior software product manager at four companies.


Before founding Enthiosys in 2003, Luke was vice president of business development in the U.S. for Aladdin Knowledge Systems; vice president of engineering and product development at Aurigin Systems Inc.; education technical director at ObjectSpace Inc.; and vice president of systems engineering at EDS Fleet Services.

He loves his job, and is happiest when he’s helping his clients build great products and services. He’s especially enjoys watching clients get excited about creating new products and services as the result of playing Innovation GamesĀ® with their customers, integrating these into new product development practices, and creating them through architecturally sustainable Agile methods.

Luke’s counsel is sought far and wide. He is currently a member of the Agile Alliance, having been involved for more than a decade in the Agile community. He has been a featured presenter at numerous conferences including the Software Development Best Practices 2006 and 2007 conferences, The Spring Experience, and The Better Software Conference & Expo. He has also been a guest lecturer at the University of California at Berkeley’s School of Information. He is a member of the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA), the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), and the IEEE.


Luke graduated magna cum laude with a B.S.E. in computer engineering and an M.S.E. in computer science and engineering from the University of Michigan. In addition to data structures and artificial intelligence, he studied cognitive psychology and organizational behavior. He is also a former National Junior Pairs Figure Skating Champion, as well as a certified aerobics instructor.

Did you know?

In his spare time, Luke likes roughhousing with his four kids and his wife’s cooking. He also enjoys long runs in the Santa Cruz mountains to burn off his wife’s cooking.