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Employees succeed when they have streamlined access to company knowledge, best practices, and team policies. Lessonly is on a mission to help people do better work so they can live better lives.

With Lessonly, users can capture internal knowledge, best practices, and team policies as searchable — and assignable — step-by-step lessons.

Build Lessons and Courses
Beautiful lessons are just a few drags-and-drops away. All Lessonly accounts come with the greatest lesson builder on the planet, so you can maintain all of your lessons and courses in one place, at no extra cost.

Add People and Assign Lessons
Add your entire company to Lessonly. Partners and clients are welcome too, at no extra cost. You only pay for the blocks of users that you train each month.

Track Your Company’s Progress
Keep all your records in Lessonly, while using our easy API to share Lessonly data with other systems, giving you the power to tie learning outcomes to increased productivity and revenue.


Max Yoder, Kristian Andersen, Eric Tobias, Mike Fitzgerald


Indianapolis, IN

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OpenView + Lessonly

OpenView’s down-to-earth approach and focus on people first makes our partnership a perfect fit.



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