Unleashing the Power of Government Data to Improve Society

Socrata’s mission is to unleash the power of data to improve the world around us. Since 2007, Socrata has focused exclusively on democratizing access to the vast troves of data held by government institutions around the world, and making that data useful to people in their daily lives.

CEO Kevin Merritt founded Socrata in 2007 with the goal of creating a cloud platform that enables public sector organizations to easily manage and share their data. This platform would make the data accessible to anyone with a web connection, while also giving them the power to visualize and analyze the data with ease.

Socrata continues to build on its original concept, offering products that enable researchers, public policy experts, entrepreneurs, and busy citizens alike to better understand and make use of public sector services. It also continues to expand – developing and releasing new services that address key challenges faced by many organizations, such as performance measurement and financial accountability.


Kevin Merritt


Seattle, WA

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