What our portfolio companies are saying.

Brad Schick, Skytap

“There’s real value in knowing that OpenView’s motivations truly align with our business goals. It’s not a standalone, salesy service that’s designed to be profitable. It’s a complimentary value-add service that’s designed to help us hire the best people. Ultimately, that gives us greater confidence in the hiring decisions we make and allows us to move forward knowing we’ll be able to recruit the people we need to scale.”

Brad Schick, CTO and VP of Engineering at Skytap

Jerome Gagner, Socrata

“Every software company needs to hire a lot of engineers, but it’s more important to hire the right people. OpenView’s team absolutely shares that vision and they’ve been instrumental in helping us achieve it.”

Jerome Gagner, Director of Engineering at Socrata

Luke Walker, Monetate

Normally, in a market like Philadelphia, software companies are lucky to bring in three engineering candidates a month and hire one of them. Thanks to Meghan and OpenView, we’re meeting with as many as 12 to 15 candidates a month, and the majority of those people have the qualifications and cultural fit to work for our company. That’s incredible production for roles that most companies struggle to fill.

Luke Walker, Senior Director of Engineering at Monetate

Brian White, Skytap

I’ve worked with many recruiters in my career, but partnering with OpenView has been outstanding. From sourcing, to initial screening, to scheduling informational meetings with candidates, they ensured the process the whole way through was straightforward and easy for me and my team. The recruiting process is critical for candidates as it is their first experience with a company. It was clear that candidates really appreciated their interactions with OpenView. The team has been a real asset to Skytap.

Brian White, VP of Products at Skytap

Jenn McAuliffe, Sonian

As a VP of Sales, SCRUM training at OpenView was invaluable. SCRUM is all about getting it done! It is applicable to sales in so many ways to ensure you are operating efficiently and effectively to meet your objectives and, most importantly, drive results! The training session itself was interactive and filled with great perspectives that will serve me and my team as we continue to make our customers’ business and our business better everyday.

Jenn McAuliffe, VP of Sales at Sonian

Thor Culverhouse, Skytap

At Skytap, a rapidly growing expansion-stage software company, some of our key focus areas to accelerate growth have been recruiting top talent, market segmentation analysis and sales ops. OpenView Labs has helped us improve on all three fronts. Specifically, in the area of recruiting, OpenView Labs has been our most productive recruiter over the last few years, working with us to source and place everything from top flight engineering talent to PMs and sales professionals.

Thor Culverhouse, CEO at Skytap

Scott Samios, Monetate

I hired the first person OpenView sent me. He was totally outside of our network and the companies we’d been targeting. That was an eye-opening experience for me. It was like, ‘OK, they have their hands on a different pipeline of candidates.’ They were able to listen to my target, build lists according to that, and then deliver people who were qualified personally and professionally.

Scott Samios, VP of Sales at Monetate

Rick Faulk, Intronis

From a resource perspective, the expertise and breadth of knowledge that  OpenView’s Labs team brought to the table was outstanding. But it was more than just their expertise that impressed me. It was expertise in context. Their team of operational consultants’ knowledge relative to our unique stage was incredible. From day one, I had the utmost confidence that they would be able to work with us to quickly address our market challenges.

Rick Faulk, CEO at Intronis

Oren Michels, Mashery

“OpenView has exceeded my expectations in every way. The firm didn’t make false promises and it didn’t try to be everything to everyone. It knows who it is, understands what it’s great at, and delivers value that goes well beyond the check that it writes.”

Oren Michels, CEO at Mashery

Ron Clevenger, Balihoo

The OpenView Lead Qualification Management Workshop was an amazing event.  I felt like I absorbed a graduate level course in advanced sales management and leadership techniques in a span of two days.  Well done!

Ron Clevenger, Former VP Inside Sales at Balihoo

James Armijo, Kareo

OpenView consistently delivers meaningful workshops to its portfolio companies, and didn’t disappoint with the Lead Qualification Management Workshop.  The workshop provided insightful, actionable advice about hiring and managing teams to high levels of performance.  Perhaps as importantly, it brought together the leaders of successful sales organizations and facilitated peer-to-peer mentorship, which added to the value of content delivered by the workshop’s speakers.

James Armijo, VP, Sales and Services at Kareo

Sherrie Corle, NextDocs

The OpenView Lead Qualification Management Workshop was a great venue for collaborating with peers from other portfolio companies to share best practices and success stories.  The attendees and presenters provided many “nuggets” that can be implemented by my team for process improvement with the goal of generating more qualified leads.  Thanks to all for sharing your stories!

Sherrie Corle, Former Director of Business Development at NextDocs

Joel Rosen, NextDocs

OpenView’s Lead Qualification Management Workshop is a very distinctively valuable event for young growth companies.  Full of both big ideas and very tactical, “street fighter” advice, this was a workshop that will lead to action at NextDocs.  The outside speakers were insightful; the room was full of practitioners from portfolio companies who taught me just as much.

Joel Rosen, Board Member at NextDocs

Richard Harris, Mashery

OpenView sets the standard when it comes to VCs and actually providing their portfolio companies with real value other than dollars. They understand the game and next steps it takes to go from good to great!

Richard Harris, Former Director of Lead Generation and Sales Operations at Mashery

Matthew Almand, VersionOne

OpenView provided a very effective and engaging workshop that provided our team with excellent info for moving forward with User Centered Design.

Matthew Almand, UI Designer at VersionOne

Peter Novak, uSamp

Kyrie Robinson is a competent and inspiring presenter. This OpenView workshop is a must for anyone involved in the creation of a product.

Peter Novak, Director, User Experience at uSamp

Joel Tachau, NextDocs

The UE Workshop was helpful for both Product Managers and practitioners like IxDs. It provided a mixture of overview, process and technique. The review of real web apps and active projects was most valuable since it is hard for B2B compaines to see these examples, and harder to see the tools and processes used to achieve effective designs.

Joel Tachau, Former Director of Interaction Design at NextDocs

Jay Bolgatz, Intronis

OpenView’s focus on continuous improvement sets them apart from most VCs – I love working at one of their portfolio companies.

Jay Bolgatz, VP Engineering at Intronis

Tim Vogel, Xtium

I found the User Experience workshop organized by OpenView was extremely valuable and it provided me with a lot of insight as to considerations and benefits of User Interface design.

Tim Vogel, CTO at Xtium

Michele Pearl , Zmags

The UX workshop organized by OpenView was one of the best 2-day workshops I’ve attended in my career.  It was informative, super relevant to my every-day role as VP of Product, and the content and presenter were very engaging.  A bonus was forming relationships with peers at other portfolio companies and getting a bit of validation that we are doing some important things right.

Michele Pearl , Former VP, Product at Zmags

Nacho Andrade , Instructure

The UX workshop was amazing. Normally with these types of workshops I expect to find 15%-20% of the content useful to me. The UX workshop openview provided was more like 80%-90% applicable. The UX workshop far exceeded my expectations.

Nacho Andrade , Former Product Manager at Instructure

Scott Roza, Skytap

As a result of our work with OpenView, we’ve made adjustments in our messaging, product backlog, sales process, and buyer personas that will allow us to better target, sell to, and manage our most lucrative opportunities.  There’s immense value in that.

Scott Roza, CEO at Skytap

Oren Michels, Mashery

OpenView gave us the objective market and customer analysis we needed with the personal touch of a firm that legitimately cares about our future success.  They delivered recommendations and meaningful data that have influenced almost every component of our organization.

Oren Michels, CEO at Mashery

Kelly Mason, Balihoo

Kyrie Robinson did a great job of verbalizing why UX design is crucial to an organization and to a product’s success.  Though I don’t know that any of us needed convincing – we’ve all felt the pain of poor UX design, both within our own products and while using external applications.  After establishing the high level principles on day one, she used day two to explain practical, data-driven methods for building products with great UX design.  The detailed explanations and examples combined with the hands on activities during the workshop allowed us to come back and start implementing some of those learnings in our own organization right away.

Kelly Mason, Product Manager at Balihoo

Erik Smith, NextDocs

I’ve found in the past that the vast majority, if not all, of the best candidates are working elsewhere.  We want highly sought after, highly thought of people, and they aren’t easy to find let alone have a conversation with.  Jess and the OpenView team seem to have an uncanny ability to make that connection.

Erik Smith, Former VP of North American Sales and Alliances at NextDocs

Scott Samios, Monetate

It was an eye-opening experience for me.  They were able to listen to my target, build lists according to that, and then deliver people that were qualified personally and professionally.

Scott Samios, VP of Sales at Monetate

Kirsten Spoljaric, Mashery

If you’re handling the recruiting process yourself, you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince. With OpenView, I was able to bypass the frog kissing and just choose the best prince or princess.

Kirsten Spoljaric, Co-founder and VP of Human Resources at Mashery

Bill Hite, Hull Speed Associates

Just a little feedback on your newsletter. I subscribe to a few and I must say this is by far the most practical and relevant newsletter I receive. Whoever puts this together really has hit it on the head!

Bill Hite, CEO and Founder at Hull Speed Associates

Pete Gombert, Balihoo

The OpenView team helped us to design, implement and hire an inside sales team early in 2011.  By the end of 2011  the team had become a consistently producing machine that is poised to grow significantly in 2012.  The team started off 2011 from scratch contributing 0% to topline revenue and has grown so rapidly that in 2012 we expect inside sales to deliver over 20% of company revenue, which is an amazing feat.

Pete Gombert, CEO at Balihoo

Ron Clevenger, Balihoo

I think Rich Chiarello has done a fantastic job leading the workshop on Sales Execution.  I really like that a number of the topics discussed tie back into the Sandler methodology. I have specifically learned about new ways to use some of the Sandler skills that I have known, particularly in recruiting and focusing on making hiring decisions up front.  I feel like that is a gold nugget that I will be able to take back to Balihoo and Boise for sure.  Also, I really appreciated the preparation of the OpenView team by querying the attendees well in advance to the workshop in order to put the schedule together because it ensures a meaningful session for the participants.

Ron Clevenger, Former VP of Inside Sales at Balihoo

Terry Douglas, Kareo

In the aggressive business world of expansion stage companies, you can’t afford to stop learning or stop making time to learn.  Thank you OpenView for placing importance on continuing development and creating a culture where it is okay to pause, analyze, learn, and then dive back into our business better than we were before.

Terry Douglas, Dir. Product Marketing at Kareo

Linda Souza, Central Desktop

OpenView’s Content Marketing Workshop was a productive and enjoyable learning experience that benefited my team and company in three key areas: 1) actionable takeaways to jumpstart our content marketing program, 2) the ability to compare notes with and learn from marketing peers in other portfolio companies with similar challenges and goals, and 3) the opportunity to meet some of OpenView’s staff and key players and have stimulating discussion around our marketing needs and plan.

Linda Souza, Associate Vice President of Marketing at Central Desktop

Dan Rodrigues, Kareo

Once again, OpenView has organized on an outstanding workshop.  Content marketing needs to be at the center of every expansion stage company’s marketing efforts.  OpenView recruited the best in the business to show us how to make that happen.  Thanks guys!

Dan Rodrigues, CEO at Kareo

Zikria Syed, NextDocs

A quick note to thank you for putting together a great seminar on content marketing.  The presenters and content were excellent of course and so was the interaction, the facilitation and the overall setup.  Amanda did a fantastic job in keeping the session moving but kept it lively and interactive.  The seminar was informative and enjoyable at the same time.

Zikria Syed, CEO at NextDocs

Rob Yoegel, Monetate

OpenView’s Content Marketing Workshop delivered clear and concise takeaways for entrepreneurs and marketers to take back and implement now. After attending the workshop, it’s clearer than ever to the Monetate marketing team that using content to solve our customers’ problems–ideally before they even have the problem–can solidify relationships and differentiate our solution from the competitor. Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose presented the workshop in a unique way by understanding the needs of the companies who attended while introducing everyone to seeing their customers as publishers and not just as marketers.

Rob Yoegel, Content Marketing Director at Monetate

Dan Rodrigues, Kareo

Great work locking down Bill Price as the newest Senior Advisor! He has been so helpful to us at Kareo over the past 9 months as we have worked hard to adopt his strategies for customer support. I highly encourage the other portfolio companies to take full advantage!

Dan Rodrigues, CEO at Kareo

James Armijo, Kareo

Bill and I worked together to complete a gap analysis of Kareo’s current operations relative to his recommended best practices.  Throughout the process, Bill was the consummate professional, always inquisitive and quick to learn the intricacies of Kareo’s business model, while keeping the project on task and delivering an actionable plan.  Bill’s experience and track record of success are undeniably impressive.  Bill’s true value as an advisor is his unique ability to be both a thought leader in the space as well as a practical, execution-oriented consultant that can see projects though from conception to implementation.

James Armijo, VP of Customer Service at Kareo

John Woolard, uSamp

I attended the OpenView Labs M&A workshop and found the presenters and information provided highly valuable.  The content was highly relevant to some current business transactions my company is looking at. I would recommend the course to anyone and am keeping the materials provided for reference and to use as templates for future transactions.  It’s not very often a growth phase smaller company gets access to ask questions to the caliber of professionals that presented and attended  the workshop.

John Woolard, CFO at uSamp

Keith Ballinger, Ravid Technologies

Thanks again for including us in the summer networking event. My co-founder and I found the event very useful. We made some great local connections with other entrepreneurs in the area.

Keith Ballinger, Former CEO at Ravid Technologies

Rob Merklinger, Intronis

Thank you for having Vic help us out over the last few weeks. We were able to hire 4 AE’s by our deadline! Vic did an outstanding job and I really appreciate his help.

Rob Merklinger, VP of Sales at Intronis

Tracy Field, Instructure

As you know, Devon offered to help us with an urgent position in Sales, Account Development Manager. Her team graciously agreed to share her with us and in a couple of short weeks, Devon identified a great candidate…an “A” candidate…a candidate we would not have otherwise found. I could go on, really I could. Not only did Devon source Rachel (our new ADM) but she also went through the resumes I received from “the regular channels.”

Thank you Devon, you were great to work with and you knew exactly what we needed. You saved us hours upon hours of work and more money than I dare count in lost revenue. I hope we’ll get to work together again.

Tracy Field, Former Director of Human Resources at Instructure

Scott Roza, Skytap

Ultimately we chose OpenView because the firm offered more than just a track record for helping startups become successful. The difference is the OpenView model – specifically OpenView Labs – which supports portfolio companies with specific research, marketing projects, sales model refinement, and recruiting. We look forward to working with the Labs team to enhance our marketing expertise and market knowledge.

Scott Roza, CEO at Skytap

Dan Rodrigues, Kareo

Our sales reps can have 150 deals in their pipeline at a time, so we needed a very systematic approach to the way they sell and manage that pipeline. The Sales Execution forum helped us put that in place and we’ll be much more efficient going forward because of that.

Dan Rodrigues, CEO at Kareo

Tracy Field, Instructure

We wanted to thank you for providing us with the opportunity to work with Diana. She has been great.

First, she found Dave Szoke, our new Director of Support. He accepted this week and starts on June 13th. I am sure you heard the story…Diana is thousands of miles away and she found Dave Szoke who works 50 feet from Instructure. Gotta love LinkedIn.

Second, Diana and Devon are both providing candidates who not only match our demanding hiring profile but also have great personalities. Diana and Devon are a pleasure to work with and incredible resources in so many areas.

Thank you!

Tracy Field, Director of Human Resources at Instructure

Jens Karstoft, Zmags

Zmags is really excited about the OpenView studio space.  It is a great resource for the portfolio companies.  We have already taken advantage of the space by filming customer testimonials and a product launch video with our marketing team.  We are looking forward to utilizing the space more in the future.

Jens Karstoft, Co-founder at Zmags

Allen Vartazarian, uSamp

This product management event has been very informative for me and my company.  Our biggest takeaway has been the importance of designing your product in detail before starting to build it and the value that has in the long run.

Allen Vartazarian, Product Manager at uSamp

Steve Ballard, AtTask

I have really enjoyed that Marty has stressed the importance of user experience when it comes to product management.  The heart of product management is discovering products that are valuable and that your customers will love to use.  It is really nice to see that important tie in.

Steve Ballard, Former Director of User Experience Design at AtTask

Ian Culling, VersionOne

OpenView has organized a few product oriented forums in the past.  The key difference with the Product Team Leaders Workshop with Marty Cagan is the focus on pragmatic customer and product discovery that helps ensure you create products your customers will love.  I am taking away a number of key practices related to product management and customer experience that we will be incorporating into the way we discover, design and deliver our products.

Ian Culling, CTO at VersionOne

Shane Vaughan, Balihoo

OpenView Partners brings expertise into our organization to help fill in the gaps.  We are a small company and we don’t have everything covered.  We can approach OpenView and ask for help in particular areas.   They assemble the experts, bring the data, and put the work in for us to help us be more successful.

Shane Vaughan, Former VP of Marketing at Balihoo

David Funderburke, VersionOne

As a portfolio company, OpenView had provided us with outside expertise.  They have helped us with research projects.  They give us a strategic perspective on what is going on in the market and they question our assumptions.

David Funderburke, VP, Operations at VersionOne

Kent Plunkett, Intronis

The Rapid Strategic Planning Workshop provides an output and a strategy map identified discretely to very low levels that, when reassembled, can be communicated quite easily to your whole organization to create all-critical alignment.  I am not familiar with any venture fund that goes to this level of detail to provide resources that help the entrepreneurs learn some of the techniques that are typically available to much larger companies.

Kent Plunkett, Former CEO at Intronis

Ramsey Evans, Prognosis

One of the biggest benefits of the Rapid Strategic Planning Workshop is putting a process in place that allows you to pinpoint and work toward a few very important things.  We’ve got better clarity and greater alignment on what we’re trying to do and why we exist.

Ramsey Evans, CEO at Prognosis

Matt Dusig, uSamp

Because we hadn’t run any formal strategy sessions in previous years, I thought the Rapid Strategic Planning Workshop was a really great opportunity for us to get some structure.  We all know now that this is the most important thing for us.  Everyone is aligned on the things we need to do: who we need to hire, the markets we need to target, and how that all relates to our mission and vision.

Matt Dusig, Co-Founder and CEO at uSamp

Pete Gombert, Balihoo

George Roberts legitimately cares about everyone at the company.  I think it shows how invested OpenView is.  They obviously care about how we’re doing as a company, but they care about the people, too.

Pete Gombert, CEO at Balihoo

Denise Grey, VersionOne

The Lead Scoring Optimization Project helped us figure out which marketing programs to nuke and which programs to invest more in, or replicate.  We just didn’t have the resources to analyze the volume of data to determine how our model was performing and what we could do to improve it.  OpenView helped us do that.

Denise Grey, Former VP of Marketing at VersionOne

Matt Howland, Loyalty Lab

OpenView brings a lot more to the table than other VCs.  Other VCs typically bring a tremendous Rolodex for business development.  OpenView brings that along with operational experience and management that you can apply to a startup.

Matt Howland, CEO at Loyalty Lab

Richard Fuller, VersionOne

With a lot of VC firms, there might be some very high level and long term direction, but little if any collaboration to help resolve near term issues.  OpenView was the opposite.  They are always looking for ways to help us; whether it is for this month, next quarter or next year.

Richard Fuller, VP of Sales at VersionOne

Kevin Suitor, Exinda

The influencer program Amanda and OpenView ran for us was very highly targeted in the education sector and the results speak for themselves.  We can track the results and we’ve seen a measurable increase in sales in the EDU sector.

Kevin Suitor, VP Marketing at Exinda

Kevin Donaldson, Balihoo

Before we went through the Market Segmentation Workshop with Luke and OpenView, I think we had an idea of what segmentation was, but we had no idea what to do with it.  It’s made us much more aware of segmentation within our customer base.

Kevin Donaldson, VP of Product Management at Balihoo

Jens Karstoft, Zmags

OpenView treated the recruitment process like they were hiring the person themselves.  They were extremely thorough, and because they understand our company’s culture so well, I think it led to finding a group of candidates to choose from that all could have been successful with our company.

Jens Karstoft, CEO at Zmags

Arnulf Hsu, Central Desktop

On the product management side, OpenView has helped us become “scrumified.”  We have found the setup of Scrum to be simpler than we thought and it has kept us focused.

Arnulf Hsu, CTO and Co-Founder at Central Desktop

Kevin Donaldson, Balihoo

One experience with OpenView that has been helpful to us is the introductions to industry experts, specifically coming in to support us in adopting agile software development.  We have been able to become more efficient in product management without actually adding more resources to our staff.

Kevin Donaldson, VP Product Management at Balihoo

Sam Gutmann, Intronis

From the beginning of our partnership in 2007, we recognized that OpenView wasn’t a typical venture capital firm.  They weren’t going to simply write us checks and chime in at board meetings.  They care deeply about our growth, and give us expert guidance and ongoing resources to help make that growth happen.

Sam Gutmann, Former Co-founder, Chairman of the Board at Intronis

Steve Anderson, Central Desktop

After the Capability Maturity Model for Finance workshop, we completed our first audit.  In working through the model, we identified three important target issues for 2010: appropriate analytics, reliable metrics, and KPI dashboards.  Now that we have completed our assessments, we know where the gaps are.  We are ready to focus on this year’s most critical issues and match our efforts to key departmental goals.

Steve Anderson, Director of Finance and Operations at Central Desktop

Kristof Franek, Open-E

We got much more value from OpenView than simply money.  Over the years, we got advice and a vision for making our company better.  I think that this has much more value that simply the investment we received from them.

Kristof Franek, Founder and CEO at Open-E

Scott Johnson, AtTask

The Extraordinary Execution Workshop gave us a framework for creating a strategy sustainable at multiple layers in our organization.

Scott Johnson, Former CEO at AtTask

Michael Sharma, Exinda Networks

The Extraordinary Execution Workshop was a defining moment for Exinda. I truly believe the clarity, output and alignment we achieved from this workshop will help fuel our growth moving forward. The OpenView team did an outstanding job.

Michael Sharma, CEO at Exinda Networks

Michael Olson, AtTask

OpenView’s Finance Capability Maturity Model has provided us with a methodology to identify gaps and to prioritize the items that have a critical impact to our success. By utilizing this framework, we have saved hundreds of hours of time and have been able to successfully build project plans and strategic objectives for our upcoming fiscal year.

Michael Olson, CFO at AtTask

Jens Karstoft, Zmags

OpenView Labs is operationally focused and succeeds by putting a strong emphasis on goal setting. The real value that emerges from a relationship with the Labs is in the alignment of their goals to our firm goals; resulting in a dependency on each other to succeed.

Jens Karstoft, CEO at Zmags

Ed Ryan, Exinda

We were a somewhat anonymous brand a year ago, and in a short time our brand awareness – especially in some key segments we wanted to target – has increased significantly.

Ed Ryan, Former Vice President of Products at Exinda

Isaac Garcia, Central Desktop

OpenView’s workshops have provided our company and our management team with the necessary tools and strategy to scale. The sessions are tailored to fast-growing companies like ours, and with no time wasted we walk out of these workshops with actionable plans.

Isaac Garcia, CEO at Central Desktop

Ed Harnish, Acronis

I greatly respect the team’s willingness to get their hands dirty in the operational nitty-gritty work that is often required to help small companies like ours. I have worked with the team across two companies, and love the support they provide to me, through formal and informal best-practice exchanges.

Ed Harnish, Former VP Marketing at Acronis

Jan Hichert, Astaro

Having this team by my side gave me tremendous insight into the art of scaling our worldwide sales teams, and in how to turbo-charge our lead generation efforts. Apart from that, they are also really nice guys.

Jan Hichert, CEO & Co-Founder at Astaro

Scott Dorsey, ExactTarget

As a board member, Scott Maxwell has been a tremendous asset to ExactTarget. Through his insight and experience, Scott has made significant contributions to the growth and success of our business.

Scott Dorsey, CEO at ExactTarget

Stephen Pollack, Platespin (acquired by Novell)

We are actively working with several OpenView operations experts in our sales and marketing areas. The OpenView team has provided excellent support and insight for the growth of our company, and has accelerated our ability to become the high-growth machine we are today by at least 12-18 months. When you are a fast growing startup in an emerging market opportunity, 18 months is an eternity.

Stephen Pollack, Former CEO at Platespin (acquired by Novell)

Cadman Chui, Platespin (acquired by Novell)

I have worked extensively with the team from an operational perspective. One tremendous benefit for me has been the ability to tap into the concentrated marketing expertise the team distills from its work with many different companies. They have also built a powerful marketing metrics infrastructure for us. This enables me to manage my marketing budget from a return-on-investment perspective, and helps me find opportunities for growing my leads that are both sizeable and profitable.

Cadman Chui, Former VP Marketing at Platespin (acquired by Novell)

Walter Scott, Imceda (acquired by Quest)

The team helped us greatly in growing our business from $3M in revenues to a run-rate of over $20M in only 18 months. Our success story was only possible because of the help and on-site assistance we received for optimizing our sales & marketing efforts.

Walter Scott, Former CEO at Imceda (acquired by Quest)

Ellan Murphy, Imceda (acquired by Quest)

Being in sales, I am not easily sold myself. However, the team’s on-site help in growing my inside sales department as well as the analytic metrics process it helped me implement were crucial to our success. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to work together!

Ellan Murphy, Former VP Sales at Imceda (acquired by Quest)

Mark Newman, HireVue

I read your newsletter every time it comes out. I just wanted to let you know that it is just awesome – thank you for investing as a firm in producing it.

Mark Newman, CEO at HireVue

Jeff Gaus, Prolifiq

I receive OpenView Labs newsletters through several sources, (email and LinkedIn,) and am an avid reader. Wanted you to know I consume most of the content and apply much within the business. It is very helpful.

Jeff Gaus, CEO at Prolifiq

Ed Jennings, Copanion

I really appreciate the content of your firm’s weekly email. I almost always find an article of interest and frequently a take away that I can apply to my business. In a world of “do the right thing of the company,” and “hire great people,” type platitudes, you guys deliver content that is actionable for a CEO.

Ed Jennings, CEO at Copanion

Ralph A. Rodriguez, Delfigo Corporation

I wanted to let you know that I enjoy the newsletters from OpenView. They are easy to consume and have just the right amount of info that I like.

Ralph A. Rodriguez, CEO at Delfigo Corporation

Ken Goldberg, Real Digital Media

I’m a regular reader & fan of OpenView’s newsletter. You guys demonstrate what others just talk about.

Ken Goldberg, CEO at Real Digital Media

Ryan Petersen, ImportGenius

I just want to thank you for your newsletter. It’s been a joy to read each week and I’m learning something almost every week.

Ryan Petersen, CEO at ImportGenius

Cindy Pogrund, Ifbyphone

Each week I find valuable insights. The topics and content are right on for SaaS, which isn’t always easy to find.

Cindy Pogrund, VP of Sales and Services at Ifbyphone