Alexa Horwitz
Community Manager at OpenView
How Stack Overflow Harnesses the Power of Flexible Leadership
The world is full of polarized views. People seem obsessed with being right (and with proving others wrong). In the...
by Alexa Horwitz
Customer Centricity—The Secret to a More Strategic Product Roadmap

What’s missing from your product roadmap? Could it be customer centricity? Hubert Palan, founder and CEO of Productboard, makes the case,

by Alexa Horwitz
Product Management
Hiring Product Managers: When Should You Hire Your First Product Person

What skills and qualities do you need in your first product hire? Nikita Miller, SVP, Head of Product Management at The Knot Worldwide breaks it down.

by Alexa Horwitz
Product-Led Growth
What VCs Really Look for in a PLG Company
When it’s done right, product-led growth delivers powerful and predictable sales and marketing efficiency. Blake Bartlett describes PLG as a...
by Alexa Horwitz
3 Things We Learned from Season 10 of the OV BUILD Podcast

Executives from Atlassian, Zeplin, Mailchimp, Stripe, and more joined us to share their wisdom on everything from product-led sales to how to win Product Hunt.

by Alexa Horwitz, Meg Johnson
HR & Leadership
‘Risks Aren’t Risky’: Yvonne Wassenaar’s Unconventional Path to CEO

We all want to do work we love and make a difference in the world. But the path to that life isn’t always easy to identify—and it’s rarely a straight line.

by Alexa Horwitz