10 Ways to use Your Blog to Create Buzz for Your Brand

Engaging your core audience is a surefire way to hit marketing pay dirt.

And the oft-misunderstood business blog is one such tool at your disposal. A blog will usually be carrying the brunt of the informal communication for a brand already, so generating buzz by utilizing this conversational-in-tone medium would be an  extension of a blog’s natural duties. Don’t be afraid to position your blog to form strong ties with customers, resulting in customer loyalty and retention.

So, how do you extract buzz from a blog?

  • Share exclusive sales and discount information on a blog. If customers expect to see it there, you can expect repeat traffickers.
  • Directly engage your readership by encouraging them to ask questions. Open the lines of communication.
  • Link to your blog at every opportunity.
  • Respond to comments left on your blog to keep the conversations active and vibrant.

If you’re setting out to create buzz for your brand, a blog offers a number of opportunities to do so. Select the ones that interface well with your current business model and watch the traffic pour in.

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