20 Tips to Get the Most Out of AdWords Copy

Copy is the glue that holds together an AdWords campaign.

Powerful, moving copy, can actually catapult a campaign forward. Knowing what typifies that proverbial good copy, though, is a challenge. It comes in many forms and can be attained by using a bevy of methods.

Here are a few of the 20 strategies that will get the most out of your AdWords copy:

  • Use strong words. Often times, casual browsing is done in an passive state, and a strong, captivating word can break that mental barrier.
  • Make sure to sell your strengths and your product’s benefits. If you consider a certain part of your pitch to be a selling point, by all means; sell it.
  • Use grammatical tools like ellipses to your advantage (e.g. “Don’t forget the one item most often overlooked on a shopping list…”
  • Keep refining your copy. Try different versions until you’re certain you’ve found the perfect wording.

Your copy will largely be a byproduct of the care and attention you put into it. If you take a slow and steady approach, the reward will be in the product.

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