Rediscover Your Swagger: 3 Steps to Boost Your Entrepreneur Confidence

For any entrepreneur confidence is a key ingredient in the recipe for success. But maintaining your mojo can be challenging, especially when it feels like it’s you against the world.

In this guest post for Inc. Tara Hunt, CEO & co-founder of Buyosphere, provides three keys to boosting your confidence even when things are at their rockiest. “Many years of trying to figure out a start-up idea can definitely tweak these monkey brains of ours into overthinking everything and losing faith in our vision,” she writes. “I’ve found several ways to get my swagger back after the biggest blows to my confidence, and none of them involve standing in front of a mirror repeating self-affirmations.”

Step one: get out of the office, Hunt says. “There is an inertia that comes with staring at the numbers daily, working on the same problems and bugs over and over, and revisiting arguments and conversations with your co-workers (who are staring at the numbers and working on the same bugs).” Stepping back allows you to put things into perspective, reflect on what’s working and what drew you towards your idea in the first place, and also get in front of peers and potential stakeholders for fresh feedback and ideas. Your entrepreneur confidence is the battery that fuels your success — in order to be effective you need to make sure it gets recharged.

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