3 Ways to Conduct the Best Product Demo

Conducting the best possible product demo isn’t always easy—and Gopal Shenoy learned the hard way. But—as with many instances of trial and error—Gopal gleaned 3 ways for product managers to conduct great customer demos. Here are two:

Do the Discovery Call Before the Demo

If it’s your demo, you need to engage directly with the customer for a discovery call. Third parties are not ideal, unless they can educate you well on the customer’s business problems. Discover the following:

  • The business issues faced by the customer
  • How they are solving the problem today
  • What solutions they are using
  • Timeframe they are looking to solve the problem
  • If they have a budget

The last two are most important—if there’s no budget, it’s harder to sell.

Business Problems First

For starters, skip everything except how you plan on solving the customer’s business problems. Gopal writes:

“The only reason they are engaging with you is to find out if you can help them. Satiate that need first, nothing else. Everything else can wait. Stuff for the economical buyer (financial viability, your revenues etc.) or for the technical buyer (technology underpinnings etc.) can come later – not in the first demo.”

Remember to keep it simple: you don’t want to bury the customer with too much information!

To learn about how you need to Respect the Customer’s Time, check out the full story.

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