“Free” at a Price: 4 Alternatives to Try When Free Trials Don’t Work

Contributing Author

June 5, 2012

Offering free trials is a fairly common practice for SaaS companies, but that doesn’t mean the results always justify the expense.

“For a free trial to work, it needs to be part of a overall customer acquisition plan,” writes Peter Cohen, Managing Partner of SaaS Marketing Strategy Advisors, in a guest post for the Inside Sales Experts Blog. “A free trial without a well-constructed follow-up effort to convert the trialers into paying buyers isn’t worth much.” Cohen argues that companies should also have a plan in place to continue to market to and nurture the would-be customers who don’t convert, and that they need to factor in these follow-up efforts as well as the costs of computing, storage, and additional support before determining that a free trial is the way to go.

In fact, for some companies, free trials can do more harm than good — when the product is a one-and-done solution, for example, or when the benefits of the product can’t be easily enjoyed or recognized within the short window of a free trial. While free trials may work for many, they don’t work for all, and Cohen provides a list of alternatives to consider, including “sandbox” demos, posting videos to show off key features, and offering a money-back guarantee. Read Cohen’s full article for more on how you can enable prospects to experience your product or solution without offering them a free trial.

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Photo by: Stuart Richards