The Secrets to Sourcing More Than $60M in Pipeline

TV used to be the best marketing channel out there. Not anymore.

Now that the Internet has grown up, it’s time to align most if not all of your marketing strategy to Web 2.0. Nate Elliott gives his 4 reasons why TV is dead, and the Web is King.

#1 – Scale

According to stats Nate pulled together, 83% percent of American adults are now online (compared with 96% who watch TV), and online users spend marginally more time online each week than they spend watching TV. How’s that for reach?

#2 – Depth

“Marketers no longer have to limit themselves to the quick brand impressions made by TV spots or billboards; their websites offer them all the depth they need to convey complex brand attributes and engage users.”

Consumers want this depth of brands, too. That’s why they go straight to Google to learn more about the brands they see advertised offline.

#3 – Trust

Your website is the most trusted portal to your brand. It’s not your TV ads, your print ads (what’s “print?”), or even your Facebook page. You built it; it’s all you.

#4 – Richness

The Internet is the richest storytelling medium out there. TV can tell great stories—just look at Superbowl ads—but the Web can tell interactive stories, which are far more engaging and have more replay value than any other platform can provide.

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