6 Key Qualities of Sticky Content

While it’s not the word you want people using to describe you — say, after walking a few blocks in the summer heat/humidity — it’s one of the best words to hear associated with you content: Sticky.

In order to communicate your ideas and make them stand out on a social web crowded with 550 million competing websites you have to make them both memorable and shareable, or — using our favorite term — sticky. In this recent post for his popular blog, social media and online marketing expert Jeff Bullas summarizes six principles of sticky content revealed in the book, Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die by Chip and Dan Heath.

The goal for every content marketer should be to keep content simple, achieve unexpectedness, stick to concrete images and examples, and bolster credibility by citing experts, statistics, and experience. There’s also no underestimating the value of delivering content in the context of a story. Facts get forgotten; stories are remembered and shared.


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