8 Tips for Productive Board Meetings

Take charge of board meetings and make them more productive with these eight tips.

board meetings
Adam McKibbin, Content Marketing Manager at Central Desktop, offers a guide to running better board meetings in a post at his company’s blog.
McKibbin lists eight tips for getting your board meetings on track, starting with having an agenda and sticking to it.
“Agendas help people plan and focus,” he writes, so make sure you plan yours and get it out to attendees in advance.
Next, don’t let anyone steamroll the agenda and hijack the meeting, including your bosses. “Leading a meeting may require telling someone in a senior position – politely and professionally, of course – to take a tangent offline,” McKibbin reminds readers. Set aside some time for small talk, and be sure that everyone “is clear on marching orders and timeframes” at the end.
Read the rest of McKibbin’s tips and make your next board meeting a more productive one.

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