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HR & Leadership
Independent Board Members: Who to Hire at the Expansion Stage

Your board is only as good as the sum of its members. We interviewed a few experts and asked about important tips to keep in mind while looking for your board’s next independent director.

by Issy Pelletier
Startup Strategy
A Crucial Point in Your Company's Lifecycle: Defining the Expansion Stage

At OpenView, we focus exclusively on B2B software companies at the expansion stage. But what does that mean, specifically?

by Brian Carthas
Startup Strategy
Expansion Stage and Startup Recruiting: Hiring a Learner Rather Than a Student

Here are six good employee qualities that can distinguish the learners from the students and land you the best new addition to your startup or expansion-stage team.

by OpenView
Startup Strategy
6 Steps to Retooling Your Professional Services During the Expansion Stage

Ken Lownie, a consultant specializing in building and scaling professional services teams, share six steps for optimizing your professional services business.

by Firas Raouf
HR & People
Top 10 Startup Commencement Speakers for Your Company's Graduation to the Expansion Stage

Here are 10 nominations for tech commencement speakers who would kill it at your company’s graduation from startup to the expansion stage.

by OpenView
HR & People
Business Growth Strategy for Navigating the Expansion Stage

Read about the business growth strategy of companies entering the expansion stage and why CEOs must shift roles.

by mkolodziej
Startup Strategy
Sales Compensation for the Expansion Stage: Rewarding and Retaining Early Sales Leaders
Keeping your early sales champions motivated while implementing a longer term sales compensation strategy. I took a few weeks' off...
by Tien-Anh Nguyen
Startup Strategy
Communication at the Expansion Stage: Tappers and Listeners

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” — George Bernard Shaw

by Megan McNeill
Startup Strategy
25% Failure Rate for New Sales Reps at the Expansion Stage is to Be Expected

At the expansion stage, what kind of failure rate for new sales reps should you really expect?

by OpenView
Startup Strategy
Employee Retention: The Importance of Career Development Paths in Expansion Stage Recruiting
Employee retention starts even before an employee is hired – it begins with the recruitment process. One of the biggest...
by Carlie Smith
Risk and Uncertainty in the Expansion Stage

Expansion-stage companies and startups are swimming in uncertainty. To stay afloat you’ll need to assess early on the data you’ll need to quantify risk.

by Nick Petri