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Should You Be Using Sales Gamification?

If you’ve been pondering sales gamification but wondering what the results will be, check out the powerful results these companies have been seeing.

by jminton
Customer Success
Serious Business: Why Gamification Is Here to Stay

With more and more companies turning to gamification to take engagement to the next level, one expert believes it’s only just the beginning.

by Contributing Author
Customer Success
Facebook Marketing: 6 Ways to Utilize Gamification Tactics

Facebook is a primed platform for gamification tactics. Here are six ways to turn clicks into social commerce and likes into brand advocacy.

by Contributing Author
Customer Success
Gamification Sweeping the Nation: How Siemens Industry Is Building Customer Engagement with Social Games

More companies are coming around to the realization that customers are looking for reasons to actively engage. Enter gamification.

by Contributing Author
Customer Success
Your Move: Bunchball Hopes to Take Gamification to the Next Level

As the buzz around gamification builds, a new series of apps aims to take the customer engagement marketing trend to the next level.

by Contributing Author
HR & People
All Work and Play, Too: Gamification in the Workplace

While some businesses struggle with the idea of playing games at work many others are discovering the practical benefits of gamification in the workplace.

by Contributing Author
Product-Led Growth
Growing Self-Serve From 0 To 70%+: The Deputy PLG Strategy For Shift Workers
Readers, I’m excited about today’s newsletter—yes, more so than usual. It’s about the PLG story of Deputy, an OpenView portfolio...
by Kyle Poyar
6 Ways to Revive Your Sales Culture While You're (Still) Remote

Ambition co-founder Brian Trautschold shares the ideas he’s used with his own sales team.

by Brian Trautschold
How to Lead a Remote Sales Team

A new, scaling startup sales team requires hyper-attention under the best of circumstances. Add in the challenge of going remote overnight—as so many of us did earlier this year—and leading a team might feel like treading water.

by Anna Talerico
Superhuman's Strategy for Designing a Product That People Love [Podcast]

Listen to our latest episode of BUILD: Rahul Vohra talks game design, when to make your product harder, and more.

by Ariel Winton
Customer Success
Intercom on How Product Education Plays a Critical Role in the Customer Journey
In my role as a Director of Growth, I work with GTM teams across many SaaS companies. Marketing, sales, product,...
by Ashley Murphy
7 Elements to Building a Highly Motivated Startup Sales Team
You walk into the sales room. The lack of excitement is written all over the reps’ faces as they make...
by Steli Efti