A Free Template for Creating a Marketing Strategy

“I want to start a blog.”

It’s a common enough request, but how do you approach it in terms of marketing? David Meerman Scott of Web Ink Now has created a well-rounded, two-page template to tackle what would otherwise be a tall task. All of the common questions are touched upon for an introspective analysis.

The questions Scott poses help chisel out a clear path for a marketing strategy, whether it is for a blog or not.

But using the blog as an example, Scott suggests a few important questions to consider:

  • “Who are you trying to reach with the blog?”
  • “Is a blog the best tool?”
  • “What problems can you solve?”
  • “What value do you bring?”

In addition to other questions, the author of the article and template (with some outside help from Bluewire Media) forces a person looking into a marketing strategy to really double-check their approach. And it never hurts to have done your due diligence when undertaking something as daunting as developing a marketing strategy.

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