A Product Launch is a Process, not an Event

In this series on product launches, the author discusses the importance of recognizing a product launch as an involved process.

Moreover, he clarifies it as something to be planned in phases, and not a singular event. In total, there are four phases to a product launch. These can be categorized as: the organizational phase, the evaluation phase, the preparation phase and the execution phase.

During the organizational phase, you’re building your foundation. Without a stout infrastructure, your product will not launch without hiccups. You can bind an entire team during this phase, rallying them around common goals for your product launch. Furthermore, you need to ensure that you’re creating a roadmap to reach your goals. Don’t merely set large-scale sales as goal. Instead, figure out how to achieve this milestone.

In the next part of the series, the second phase, evaluation, will be discussed. Stay tuned for more information on product launches.

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