Adaptive Project Framework: Combining Traditional and Agile Concepts

Rick Freedman knows agile. After all, he teaches courses to a number of eager-minded students on it.

And he begins all of his courses in the same way, by writing two words on a board that he says will be pivotal to understanding agile. What are the two words? Adaptive and hybrid.

Here is how they break down and correlate with the ultimate goal of streamlining development:

Adaptive – The emphasis here is on adapting the approach to the specific constraints of a project. Doing so is a fundamental concept and the backbone of all agile methodologies.

Hybrid – The author’s philosophy here is that traditional techniques still serve a purpose, especially when most organizations are ill-equipped to fully commit to agile’s tenets. A combination of the two principles, then, is what is called for here.

Robert Wysocki, author of “Adaptive Project Framework,” makes a case for combining traditional and agile methods to create a well-rounded approach that produces successful software projects without fail. While he may not be able to support the claim in practice, his idea is fairly novel and could be used to great success by some companies.

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