Are You a Magnetic Leader?

Lisa Petrilli attended the Profitability Business Simulations “Magnetic Leadership” Program a few weeks ago and from the experience gleaned the Top Five Signs You’re a Magnetic Leader. These are all signs of a stellar CEO who can inspire action and manage his/her people and teams—and are all something to aspire to.

Here’s two of the top five signs:

#1 – Calm and Uplifting Demeanor and Tone

Emphasis on tone. During the seminar, it was the tone of the speaker’s voice that pulled team members away from making product. Take this as an indication that you need to consider your delivery in all channels of communication you use.

  • What does your body language say?
  • How do you come off in your written communication?
  • Is your demeanor one of magnetic assuredness—or are you raising stress levels?

#4 – Proper Alignment of Resources with Vision and Strategy

The example Lisa uses is a team who focused on customer service—but neglected to align resources with building and maintaining product or determining real customer needs and priorities.

After you’ve built your strategy, make double-sure that your resources—people, time, dollars, energy, focus—align with that strategy. Only then will you benefit from the power of your own magnetism.

For the other Top Five Signs, head over to C-Level Strategies and catch the full story.

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