As a Startup You Should Hire Quickly, Fire Quickly

Startup life can be grueling and comes with many hazards.

For all intents and purposes, being employed by a startup is a risk. You run the risk of watching the company fold, you run the risk of being assigned to work outside of your skills and you also run the risk of getting fired. The ax swings quickly at startups; or at least it should, according to Mark Suster.

Suster believes that startups should hire quickly and go with gut feelings. Furthermore, when an employee isn’t working out, they should be terminated just as quickly. Pondering over either decision for an extended period of time is a waste. For this reason, startup recruitment is quite a challenge.

Just as you should know when an employee is performing well, you should also be able to recognize when they’re not. If your hiring decision proves to hurt the business growth strategies in the end, don’t wait and compound your problems. For more on why you should incorporate hiring quickly and firing quickly into your startup best practices process, read the full article by Suster.

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