B2B Marketing Lesson: How to Approach Your Value Proposition

Learn a foundational B2B marketing lesson that will shape all of your campaigns in the future.

Barry Feldman of Feldman Creative offers the most valuable B2B marketing lesson he’s ever learned in a post at Convince and Convert.
Feldman writes that “in B2B marketing, your value proposition can be about two things.” You can focus on either time or money. If you choose time, Feldman says, then your strategy will be simple, since your value proposition can only be about saving it. But if you focus on money, you can propose to save your customer money or to make them money.
Feldman warns B2B marketers not to fall into the trap of believing that the businesses who buy the products you’re marketing actually care about those products. “In B2B,” Feldman writes, “you can’t differentiate the value proposition,” because if you do, then “there’s simply no value to your proposition.”

Director of Analytics and Search

Matthew is the Director of Analytics and Search at String Automotive. Previously he was a Web Content Specialist at OpenView.
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