The Best Time to Make Your Sales Calls

Despite a variety of superstitious opinions, there really is only one true best time to make sales calls.

“Some salespeople refuse to make cold calls on Monday,” writes S. Anthony Iannarino. “Others believe that Mondays are the very best possible day to make their calls.” The truth of the matter? “No one knows the best time to call. How could you?” Iannarino asks in this post for his blog. “It’s a certain kind of arrogance to believe you can read your dream client’s mind.” It’s like believing your rally cap truly has an effect on whether or not your team pulls off the comeback in the bottom of the 9th.

That said, there actually is a best time to make a sales call, Iannarino argues, though it doesn’t have anything to do with the day of the week. The absolute best time to call is now rather than later. “The sooner you make the call to your dream client, the sooner you begin to open the relationships that open opportunities,” Iannarino writes. “Even if you fail to gain an appointment, you have begun developing a relationship, and you have begun to establish your strong desire to work with and make a difference for your dream client. The only thing that waiting does is postpone the opening of that relationship.”

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