Book on Performance Reviews Looks to Change Status Quo

In his book, “Get Rid of the Performance Review,” Samuel Culbert questions the institutionalized method of grading an employee’s work: the performance review.

A performance review, Culbert asserts, is not an interaction between a boss and an employee. Instead, it is a one-sided conclusion drawn by the boss. Essentially, there are two opinions, but only one has merit.

Is this just the way of the world or is there a better method? The author suggests that, indeed, there is a solution. Instead of a performance review, a performance preview should be considered. The goal of a running, open dialogue can then be attained, which can address some of the issues taken up in performance reviews before they become costly.

A standardized review process is a common sight at many organizations. But does this review need a review of its own? Read the entire article to see if this may be the case at your business.

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