Brand Storytelling: How Coca-Cola Is Reshaping Marketing

Read about how Coca-Cola is using brand storytelling to remake marketing and earn new customers all over the world.

brand storytelling

Robert Rose, founder of Big Blue Moose, writes in Content Marketing Institute that content, and specifically brand storytelling, is “going to reshape the strategic marketing process.”

Rose points to Coca-Cola’s VP of Global Advertising Strategy and Creative Excellence, Jonathan Mildenhall, as the architect of a brand storytelling campaign that’s set to “create emotionally connected brand stories that are shared in a much more fluid way.” Rose traces the story of getting in touch with Mildenhall in his post and presents an interview he conducted with the Coke VP.

Mildenhall says that the idea for a brand storytelling campaign was born out of a “content manifesto” that he and his team wrote over a five-day period. From there, he and his team began focusing on content as the method for filling up “the emotional level of the brand.” Mildenhall notes that Coca-Cola is “still engaging with new customers that don’t have their emotional well filled” as “new customers enter the middle class all over the world every day.” He believes that brand storytelling is what will help draw them in and keep “those who know and love our brands wanting to come back for more.”

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