Buyer Personas: 7 Companies That Know Their Customers

Get to know your company’s buyer personas and tailor your marketing message accordingly. See how seven companies large and small are getting it done.

buyer personas

Rachel Sprung, Brand and Buzz Coordinator at HubSpot, says that “one of the first things any marketer needs to figure out is who the heck they’re marketing to.” She highlights seven companies that truly understand their target buyer personas and just how to market to them.

The first companies Sprung points to are Seventeen magazine and Apple, both famous for knowing their target audience very well and marketing to their buyer personas in just the right way. She also points to Apple’s recent expansion of its buyer personas beyond the general consumer to include “the business professional who wants to use devices that make their job more effective and efficient.”

Next, Sprung highlights Zipcar’s ability to market to “the millennial urban dweller” with their upbeat, carefree tone across social media.

For the full rundown on how the most successful marketers pinpoint and target buyer personas, read the full article and study the seven examples that Sprung provides.

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Matthew is the Director of Analytics and Search at String Automotive. Previously he was a Web Content Specialist at OpenView.
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