Cash Not the Only Sales Motivator

The Science of Real Motivation Revealed

Author Dave Kurlan reviews a “Science of Motivation” presentation by Career Analyst Dan Pink, and applies the key points to sales motivation is his

recent blog.

The first point he pulls from the presentation is that incentives are highly effective when goals are clear. Having a goal or quota is key to the success of any sales person and according to Kurlan, far too many sales teams have no quota at all.

Kurlan suggests that incentives are not always the best motivator for sales teams. Throwing money at a sales team, might make them smile, but it won’t always boost sales. Kurlan points to data in a report by the Objective Management Group, that looked at 450,000 salespeople, and  found that a large number suffer from a lack of money motivation. The study found that higher earners, are not as money motivated as they were early in their careers.

To increase sales team performance, sales managers must discover what motivates sales people on an individual level. Is it money, recognition, time-off, competition, public service? When building a sales team compensation and commission plan, keep it flexible. Flexibility will allow you to maximize sales performance using proper ‘one-on-one’ motivational tactics.

Kurlan presents a list of additional articles on sales motivation tactics, at the end of this information packed post.  Follow the link below to learn best practices for true sales team motivation.


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