Business Development

3 SaaS Sales Tips that Go Against Everything You Were Taught
“The Consumerization of IT” “B2C2B” “Freemium” These are the latest buzzwords describing the customer acquisition strategies of modern tech companies....
by Mark Roberge
How to Avoid Sales Channel Conflicts

Tips for avoiding sales channel conflict, including pricing and compensation structures, lead registration systems, and assigning territories or segments.

by Jonathan Crowe
Analyzing Outbound Prospecting Effectiveness

Download this new report from The Bridge Group to understand the latest benchmarks and analyze your outbound prospecting effectiveness.

by jminton
The Perfect Playbook for Cold Calling the C-Suite

Having trouble breaking through to a prospect? Sometimes the best move is going straight to the top.

by Jeff Hoffman
Sales Metrics for BDRs and Account Executives

When evaluating BDRs and Account Executives it often comes down to the numbers. But which numbers should those be, exactly?

by Emmanuelle Skala
Increase Customer Referrals In One Mind-Blowingly Simple Step
It’s true that your current best customers beget the next generation of your best customers. While you’re plenty happy with...
by jminton
21 Questions to Help Open Up a Stalled Sale

Treading water with a prospect? Sales strategist Mike Brooks shares 21 questions to get a stalled sale moving in the right direction.

by Mike Brooks
7 Keys to Cold Emails that Guarantee You a Response

It’s time to stop hitting send and crossing your fingers. Here are seven simple tips to boost your response rates by drafting cold emails that convert.

by OpenView