Hiring a Remote Employee? Use This Onboarding Checklist

This checklist makes it way easier to remember equipment to order, trainings to schedule, software licenses to purchase and much more. Save a copy, customize it for your organization and brace yourself for a whole lot of virtual high-fives.

by Liz Cain
HR & Leadership
Building to Last: Mental Health is a Marathon, Not a Sprint
"I think a lot of teams want to jump into 'let's just start forecasting.' And my sense is, the strategy...
by Blake Bartlett
Weekly Roundup
Weekly Financial Resources and Capital Markets Roundup: 5/8/2020

“It’s a trap!” In honor of Star Wars Day, we feel this Admiral Ackbar quote appropriately describes the near all-time high SaaS markets.

by Sean Fanning
Building to Last: Jai Shekhawat on How to Stay Relevant During a Crisis

Plus: Jai shares his insights on creating success through a downturn and how he and his company not only survived the recession, but came out stronger on the other side.

by George Roberts
HR & Leadership
I’ve Been Through 6 Recessions. Here’s Everything I’ve Learned About Adapting.

We’re all being pushed to our limits by this pandemic, but those of us who are able to discern and take advantage of the opportunities it offers will stand a better chance on the other side.

by George Roberts
The Recession Planning Framework for SaaS Startups

We hope this framework makes planning during this uncertain time feel less like summoning a crystal ball and more like navigating with a map.

by Blake Bartlett
HR & Leadership
4 Ways for Leaders to Build Resilience

Workfront CEO Alex Shootman on leaning towards the obstacles, learning lessons and more.

by Alex Shootman