HR & Leadership
Carol Meyers on How to Lead During a Crisis

As leaders, we need to dig deep in spite of our own stress and fears. We need to lead.

by Casey Renner
Pricing & Positioning
Early Survey Results Show the Most Common Pricing Responses to COVID-19

About half of respondents, evenly distributed across size or industry, are offering temporary relief on payment terms.

by Steven Forth
Weekly Roundup
Weekly Financial Resources and Capital Markets Roundup: 4/17/2020

What is the GDP of Mongolia, in USD? The distance from earth to nearest star (excluding sun), in light years?

by Sean Fanning
HR & Leadership
Rising Up in a Downturn: Advice From SurveyMonkey’s Tom Hale

Tom shares practical advice on keeping your team calm, taking risks, and why it’s important right now for leaders to show vulnerability.

by Casey Renner
The Assessment Every Business Needs to Do ASAP

Unless you’re Amazon, Instacart or Zoom, you need to assess your customers’ engagement with your product. Sam Richard shares the dos and don’ts of customer health scoring.

by Sam Richard
Are You Reacting or Responding to Your Customers' Needs During the COVID-19 Crisis? There's a Difference.

No matter what pricing actions you’re considering, you must first understand the impact that COVID-19 is having on your customers, their business, their people and their communities.

by Steven Forth