The Recession Planning Framework for SaaS Startups

We hope this framework makes planning during this uncertain time feel less like summoning a crystal ball and more like navigating with a map.

by Blake Bartlett
HR & Leadership
4 Ways for Leaders to Build Resilience

Workfront CEO Alex Shootman on leaning towards the obstacles, learning lessons and more.

by Alex Shootman
Weekly Roundup
Weekly Financial Resources and Capital Markets Roundup: 5/1/2020
Earlier this week investor Gavin Baker identified the irresistible force (government stimulus) and the immovable object (worsening economic, earnings data)...
by Sean Fanning
Binge-worthy: Building to Last, a New Podcast for CEOs

In this new series, we’ve connected with people who have built SaaS companies through the limitations and challenges of a crisis and we asked their advice on how they’d advise CEOs today.

by George Roberts
HR & Leadership
How to Stop Having So Many Remote Meetings

Want to get a quick read on your company culture? Just look at your meetings.

by Darren Chait
Finance & Operations
These Cost-Reduction Strategies Aren't Easy, But They Could Save Your Business

In this environment, it doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO of a startup or a well-established company—you’re going to have to make some difficult choices that will probably keep you up at night.

by George Roberts
HR & Leadership
How to Navigate Your Business Through an Evolving and Unpredictable Future

It’s not pleasant to think about what might go wrong, but it’s important to anticipate various outcomes so you can start planning.

by Alisa Cohn
Weekly Roundup
Weekly Financial Resources and Capital Markets Roundup: 4/24/2020

In this week’s roundup, Sean Fanning covers some unique perspectives on volatility in the market, updates on government relief programs, what he’s seeing in the private M&A markets, and more.

by Sean Fanning
Pricing & Positioning
Now’s the Time to Revisit Your Pricing

This post will guide you through 10 innovative pricing plays you should consider along with high-profile examples of companies who are testing them.

by Kyle Poyar