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Quick Guide to the Austin Startup Scene

Find out everything you need to know to take full advantage of Austin’s thriving startup scene.

by Rebecca Churt
HR & People
5 Things Employees Value More than Money

Money may be a great motivator, but the truth is these five things can play just as big a role in attracting top talent.

by Carlie Smith
HR & People
When it Comes to Startup Recruiting, Location Matters

But maybe not in the ways you think. Kareo CEO Dan Rodrigues explains the pros and cons of startup recruiting outside of Silicon Valley.

by Dan Rodrigues
HR & People
Pursuing a Vision: Elon Musk’s Big Patent Strategy Gamble
Last week, Musk announced that, moving forward, Tesla's patents are effectively open source. Pursuing Your Vision (Seemingly at the Cost of...
by Brandon Hickie
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The Importance of Defining Your Core Values

At the helm of a rapidly growing startup? Fantastic. Before you really mash down the pedal and start recruiting Monetate’s Ben Russell says defining your core values is a must.

by Ben Russell
HR & People
3 Reasons I Always Leave Work on Time
I leave work at 5:30 almost every single day. My workday begins before 9am, and unless there is a crisis,...
by Katelyn LaGarde
Customer Success
6 Tips for Building a Customer-Obsessed Team

Intronis VP of Partner Success Jasmine Lombardi provides six steps companies can follow to launch a highly effective customer success team. The keys? Laser-focused organization and managers who aren’t afraid to dive in and get their hands dirty.

by Jasmine Lombardi
HR & People
Founder's Corner: Developing A Company Culture People Will Love

Founders: Want to know the secret driver behind elevating your brand and winning more customers? It’s not your product, it’s your culture. Instructure CEO Josh Coates explains the difference between good and bad company cultures, and what it takes to develop a passionate base of customers and fans.

by Josh Coates
HR & People
Should You Consider Offering a Pay to Quit Program?

It might sound a little weird, but a pay to quit program actually allows you to build a stronger culture amongst your employees.

by jminton