6 Ways To Create a Customer-Centric Staff

You can have all the systems and safeguards in place, but in order to truly embrace this shift, you need a customer-centric staff.

by jminton
HR & People
Reaching the Startup Tipping Point: When We Knew We Had a Real Company

It’s the moment every entrepreneur lives for — reaching the startup tipping point when you know your idea is actually a viable business. But as UnboundID founder and CEO Steve Shoaff recalls, as exhilarating as that moment is, it also means the pressure is officially on.

by Steve Shoaff
HR & People
Why Strong Company Culture is Cultivated, Not Created

You might offer your employees flashy perks like unlimited vacation time or in-office yoga, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have a strong company culture. Pete Gombert, CEO of Balihoo, breaks down the essence of cultivating company culture and reveals the four core values that have Balihoo regarded as one of the best places to work at in America.

by Pete Gombert
Finance & Operations
Are You Suffering From a Leadership Gap?

Wondering why your team is struggling? It may be time to look in the mirror. Leadership advisor Mike Myatt explains how a gulf between what the boss vs. employees see — something he refers to as a leadership gap — can cripple a company’s progress on all levels.

by Mike Myatt
HR & People
Making this Year Count: How to Set SMART Goals

What are SMART goals and why is setting them so important for growing companies? With this easy-to-follow process you’ll keep your business focused and on track to make a big impact in 2014.

by Josh Zywien
HR & People
5 Ways to Be as Customer-Centric as Amazon’s Jeff Bezos

Think customer centricity is just a business buzzword? Don’t tell that to Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, who’s made customer service and user experience the hallmarks of his iconic company.

by Josh Zywien
HR & People
Does First-Mover Advantage Still Exist?

In the tech world, many businesses continue to buy into the supposed advantages of being first to market. But is being a trailblazer in today’s competitive environment really that advantageous?

by Josh Zywien
HR & People
Quick Tips to Attract Top Talent

We all know that job candidates want to impress you — but what should you be doing to impress them? Read these quick tips to attract top talent.

by Carlie Smith
HR & People
Can Dropbox Win Against the Titans of Tech?

In six years, Dropbox has shot to fame as a Silicon Valley darling. Now, with nearly 200 million users and an estimated value of $4 billion, the company is on a collision coarse with the biggest tech companies on the planet. Can it survive?

by Josh Zywien