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Customer Success
How Customer Experience & Content Marketing Can Work Together to Build Retention
Today is CXDay, a global celebration of the companies and professionals focused on creating great experiences for their customers. (To...
by Sue Duris
The Complete Guide to Targeted B2B Advertising [Free Download]
Editor's Note: The following is an excerpt from the eBook 'The Complete Guide to Targeted B2B Advertising.' You can download...
by Blake Harris
The Buyer Journey: It’s Not Just for Marketers Anymore
Marketers, analysts, thought leaders and academics have waxed poetically for years about the concept of the buyer journey and what...
by Mitch Frazier
Flipping the Funnel: Account-Based Marketing Puts Customers, Not Channels, First
Editor’s note: This post is an excerpt from The #FlipMyFunnel eBook from Terminus. As modern B2B marketers, we’re lucky enough...
by Sangram Vajre
Why (and When) Strategic Partnerships Make Sense for SaaS Startups
A few months ago, I read an interesting article about the unique steps Starbucks has taken to drive revenue growth...
by Scott Maxwell
A Simple Way to Measure the (Potentially) Enormous ROI of B2B Events
I was talking with a friend of mine recently — the CEO of a high-growth SaaS company whose name I’ll...
by Nadim Hossain
Creating More Content With Less Return? You’re Not Alone
Not all content marketing is created equal. To get to the heart of the “habits and behaviors” of effective digital...
by Becca Lindegren
Demand Generation
Three Keys to Building a Partner Portal to Reduce Churn
In my last blog post, I discussed how SaaS companies can leverage their channel partners to reduce customer acquisition costs....
by Jim Somers
Demand Generation
How to Split Test Your Way to Business Growth
Split testing sounds like a lot of work, especially when you are already hustling to get the most out of...
by Jay Melone