Founder's Corner

Founder's Corner
Founder's Corner: Inside the Mind of a Technical Founder

WordStream founder and CTO Larry Kim shares his thoughts on what it means to be a technical founder, his tips for working with one, his philosophies on recruiting and product development, and more.

by Rebecca Churt
Founder's Corner
Founder's Corner: ToutApp Founder & CEO Tawheed Kader

In this week’s episode of the Founder’s Corner, Tawheed Kader, founder and CEO of Sales Communications Platform ToutApp, shares the story behind his company’s growth and his thoughts on customer segmentation, upfront payments, building lasting customer relationships, and more.

by Jonathan Crowe
Founder's Corner
Appreciating Hard Work: 4 Entrepreneurship Lessons from Trek Bicycle's CEO

Inspiring entrepreneurship lessons from the history of Trek Bicycle and its CEO, John Burke.

by Tien-Anh Nguyen
Founder's Corner
What's a Founder's Life Expectancy as CEO?
Last week, @wadhwa tweeted this: "Sequoia founder says 45% of founding CEOs of their investments fired in 18 months. Quite...
by Firas Raouf