Startup Strategy
Bridge Note
For some time, I have wanted to start writing, but I have always put it off. Reasons are varied, excuses...
by Vlad Djuric
Startup Strategy
Plans are always wrong. Planning is always right!
"If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there." Lewis Caroll As an expansion stage...
by Scott Maxwell
Startup Strategy
Welcome to the first blog entry for Read all about I.T. I hope to develop this blog to provide valuable...
by Justin Law
Startup Strategy
The CFO & Extraordinary Execution
OpenView Venture Capital just hosted its first CFO forum this week! The Forum was a great opportunity for the finance leaders of...
by Cynthia Mignogna
VC Insights
Raising Venture Capital
I get the question all the time from people that are considering raising venture capital asking what venture capital investors...
by Scott Maxwell
What Is Expansion Stage?
I frequently get asked the question "What is expansion stage?" From a high level perspective, if early stage is when...
by Scott Maxwell
Startup Strategy
Let's get to work..
Welcome to my blog site - "What You See Is What You Get". Given my tenure at Wang and Microsoft,...
by Mark Barry
Tech Trends
Content Marketing & PR with the Open Marketer
  A Little Bit about the Open Marketer At work, I am most excited about content marketing and PR. Each week...
by Amanda Maksymiw