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Tech Trends
Venture Capital = Viral Marketing?
David Meerman Scott, a marketing strategist and author, encourages those eager to engage in viral marketing to “think like a venture...
by Amanda Maksymiw
Startup Strategy
The New "Great" means "Less Bad"
As I talk to venture capital investors, expansion stage companies, and others in my growth equity network, I am hearing...
by Scott Maxwell
VC Insights
Collaboration at a Venture Capital fund
Using CentralDesktop at OpenView Venture Partners After showing Diana Winings, our new recruiting specialist, through our internal collaboration network on...
by Tien-Anh Nguyen
Tech Trends
Strategy One of the Keys for Success in Software Companies
Whenever we are talking to expansion stage software companies looking for growth capital, one of the first things we look...
by George Roberts
Tech Trends
Client Service Performances in the Business' Today
Nowadays, it’s refreshing to have a positive customer service experience as a consumer in today’s market. I have had my share...
by Eric Winn
VC Insights
Venture Capital Adventure
Since I was in elementary school, I always wanted to travel around the world on a sailboat. This summer I...
by Ori Yankelev
Tech Trends
How do I hire Inside Sales people?
In my years of working with Venture Capital companies focused on expansion stage investments, one of the biggest challenges companies...
by Brian Zimmerman
Startup Strategy
Baby Steps: Passion
Let's take a step back seeing that this is my first entry. I'll start with what has been most obvious...
by Peter Zotto