Investor Relations

Investor Relations
10 Best Questions To Ask Venture Capitalists Amid An Uncertain Market
The dominating force in the market right now is uncertainty. Inflation, wars, climate change, recessions—we've written before about how global...
by Casey Renner
Investor Relations
Investment Bank Overview: Working With An Advisor
Investment banks can provide a tremendous amount of value to your business. This might be most clear when it comes...
by Sam Johnson, Vinnie McSweeney
Investor Relations
22 Reasons Your Investor Might Have Passed On You (According To 4 Leading VCs)

There are a lot of spoken—and unspoken—reasons why investors may pass on a business pitch. Here’s 22 of them.

by Riviera Lev-Aviv
Finance & Operations
Why Startup Founders Should Treat Fundraising Like a Sales Funnel
As an Investment Associate at OpenView leading our outbound team, I spend my days managing my own “sales funnel” to...
by Brian Carthas
Finance & Operations
Hey, Female Entrepreneurs: Show Up to Investment Meetings and Lean In!

While some might blame the lack of venture-backed, female-led businesses on sexism, .406 Ventures founding partner Maria Cirino doesn’t see it that way. In this post, the former Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year shares her own experience raising capital and explains why the issue has much more to do with confidence.

by Maria Cirino
Finance & Operations
8 Deal Breakers that Send Venture Capitalists Running

Entrepreneur, startup advisor, and VC John Greathouse shares eight red flags inexperienced entrepreneurs routinely raise when pursuing venture capital investment.

by John Greathouse
Finance & Operations
Why 'The Market is Too Crowded' is a Terrible Excuse

Venture partner Marc MacLeod shares why you shouldn’t be scared to take on a crowded market — and neither should potential investors.

by Mark MacLeod