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Ultimate Guide to B2B Sales Hiring and Management

A curated list of the very best resources on sales interviewing, remote leadership, forecasting, and much more.

by OpenView
6 Ways to Revive Your Sales Culture While You're (Still) Remote

Ambition co-founder Brian Trautschold shares the ideas he’s used with his own sales team.

by Brian Trautschold
How to Lead a Remote Sales Team

A new, scaling startup sales team requires hyper-attention under the best of circumstances. Add in the challenge of going remote overnight—as so many of us did earlier this year—and leading a team might feel like treading water.

by Anna Talerico
Sales Coaching for the Digital Age
Maintaining a position of preeminence in the highly competitive IT industry requires leaders to adapt to changes in the business...
by Stefan Funk
How to Implement Successful Sales Training For a Multigenerational Workforce
One of the biggest talent management challenges facing sales organizations today is the need to effectively manage a multigenerational workforce....
Managing Healthy Tension Between Consistency and Flexibility With Your Sales Team
As a sales leader, you have to make a choice each and every day. Do you control your sales process...
by Frank Dale
5 Tips for Mastering the Art of Sales Knowledge Management
The world of sales is full of dangerous villains – time-consuming administrative tasks, inefficient internal processes, lack of proper tools...
by Nathaniel Rottenberg
How to Handle the "How Much Does It Cost" Question
Editor's Note: This piece was originally published on LinkedIn. You can find it here. It’s a fair question. “It depends”...
by Ethan Zoubek
How to Build an SDR Team: The Traits to Look For & Strategy to Follow
At KiteDesk, we get to work with and observe some of the best SDR teams in the country. We've been...
by Sean Burke