Portfolio Updates

Portfolio Updates
OpenView Makes It's First Investment of 2010!
OpenView Venture Partners just announced our investment in expansion stage online panel company, uSamp (United Sample). The $10 million Series...
by Jillian Mirandi
Portfolio Updates
OpenView Venture Partners Makes Investment
Earlier this week OpenView Venture Partners invested in expansion stage company United Sample, or uSamp. uSamp is an Internet panel...
by Peter Zotto
Portfolio Updates
Central Desktop: An Intro to one of OpenView's Expansion Stage Portfolio Companies
We spent last week in Southern California visiting Central Desktop, one of OpenView Venture Partners expansion stage portfolio companies. My...
by Jessica Danforth
Portfolio Updates
Spending time with Central Desktop in Pasadena
Greetings from sunny California! This week I am spending time with Central Desktop's sales team at their headquarters in Pasadena,...
by OpenView
Portfolio Updates
Collaborate like never before with Central Desktop!
One of our expansion stage portfolio companies, Central Desktop, just announced the June launch of its Microsoft Office Collaboration tool....
by Kobie Fuller
At OpenView
How Can I Add Value To Our Portfolio Companies?
As an operational support person at OpenView Venture Partners, I often wonder, "Am I adding value to our firm's portfolio...
by Katie Cohen-Hausman
At OpenView
How does OpenView Venture Partners help its portfolio companies?
Last week I was at the Marketing Segmentation Forum hosted by Boston venture capital firm, OpenView Venture Partners, with the...
by Amanda Maksymiw