Product Design
Branding Is More Than Just a Logo

Infinum’s Bojan Bajic talks us through how to incorporate branding elements into the design of your digital products.

by Bojan Bajic
Scaling Your B2B Product? Be Sure to Consider These Areas First.
With growth comes challenges. When your B2B startup begins entertaining larger deals, your customers’ needs grow in complexity. And when...
by Justin Zalewski
An Overview of the Growing "SaaS Enabled Marketplace" Ecosystem
Editor's note: This post originally appeared on Medium. You can read it here. As a VC firm focused on both...
by Clement Vouillon
Standing Out in a Sea of Enterprise Blue: How Asana Made Work Fun Again
Amanda Linden has been working on solving complex design problems for more than a decade. Over the course of her...
by Gail Axelrod
Effective Communication for Design Teams
This post originally appeared on the UserTesting blog. A few days ago someone asked me to reach out to our...
by Jennifer Winter
Why You Shouldn’t Hire a UI / UX Designer
UX Designer and UI Designer are two vastly different roles and a single person should not be hired to be...
by Craig Morrision
Creating Great First Experiences with B2B Software Products
I still recall the first experience I had using a mobile banking application several years ago. After opening the app...
by Mark Burrell
9 Pieces of UX Advice I Stole From People Smarter Than Me
Like all people, I like to think I have good taste. But if I do, it’s only because I’ve been...
by Spencer Lanoue
Pricing & Positioning
How to Find Product-Market Fit Before You Design Anything
Product-market fit doesn’t happen by magic. Too many companies make the mistake of coming up with a brilliant idea for...
by Hannah Alvarez