If Your Sales Process Looks Like This, You’re Blowing Deals
I got on a call with an SDR recently who was nothing short of lovely. He asked great questions, talked...
by Amy Volas
The Startup Playbook: Nailing Pricing Strategy
Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from The Startup Playbook: Founder-to-Founder Advice From Two Startup Veterans available on Amazon...
by Rajat Bhargava
C-Suite Selling Perfected: How Salesforce is Winning More Mega-Deals
Salesforce is a company I follow very closely. Given their phenomenal growth and the fact they are a longtime customer...
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4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Lead to Record Sales Revenue in 2017
What will happen to sales professionals once robots can “Sell me this pen” a la Leonardo DiCaprio in the Wolf...
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Finance & Operations
Five Reasons You Need an Independent Director on Your Board
Editor's Note: OpenView is a member of theBoardlist. Learn more about our membership here. Many interests are represented within a board...
by Jeska Dzwigalski Kittenbrink
7 Marketing Opportunities to Implement in 2017
What’s the most important thing for your business? If you said scalable growth, you’re absolutely spot on. Getting 10-20% growth...
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