Tech Trends

Tech Trends
Sparking Innovation in the Hub
In November, MassTLC (Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council) hosted its annual Innovation unConference at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. I was...
by Lane Sutton
Tech Trends
The Bigger Problem with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's Comments
Image courtesy of Wikipedia At this point, it's difficult to recall what things were like pre-Sheryl Sandberg. These days, hardly...
by Katelyn LaGarde
The Obstacles Holding Back a Mobile Revolution in B2B SaaS
Will computers in the workplace ever become obsolete? Pretty unlikely in the short term, but there is tremendous opportunity for...
by OpenView
Tech Trends
Billion-Dollar Bet: The Real Reason Amazon and Google Wanted Twitch

To get the full story behind what made Twitch such a hot acquisition target, you have to go back to the launch of in 2007, the same year Netflix released its streaming video service to the world.

by Mackey Craven
Startup Strategy
Anatomy of a Startup Scene: What Austin Can Teach Other Growing Tech Hubs

What does it really take for a town to grow into a hot startup scene? Entrepreneur and investor Sam Decker reveals the factors he thinks make up the DNA of a tech hotbed.

by Josh Zywien
Startup Strategy
Pursuing a Vision: Elon Musk's Big Patent Strategy Gamble

Last week, Musk announced that, moving forward, Tesla’s patents are effectively open source. Find out what startups can learn from the bold patent strategy gamble.

by Brandon Hickie
Tech Trends
3 Reasons Zappos Insider Will Flop

Whether it’s holocracy or paying employees to quit, Zappos surely has a unique company culture. But has the retailer gone too far with its newest intitiative, Zappos Insider?

by Katelyn LaGarde
Startup Strategy
3 Time-Saving Sales Tools to Check Out Today

Need to super charge the end of Q2, and jump-start Q3? Well, here are three time-saving sales tools that you should get familiar with ASAP.

by CeCe Bazar
Startup Strategy
App Developer Privacy Guidelines: Checklist (Legal Update)

Are you a software app developer? If so, you should read this brief summary of some of the best published privacy guidelines for app developers.

by Jeremy Aber